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Theatro Hotel Odysseon Opening its doors to the public!

Kalabaka, 29th December 2016

After one long year of renovation, change of management, name and concept, Theatro Hotel Odysseon is finaly opening its gates to the public.
There is only one reason why Theatro Hotel has been created. The need of a Greek hospitality professional to show to people how hospitality should be like and how by having “serving people” as the strategic priority of the company Theatro Hotels can become leaders in the hospitality market.
Hospitality is the English word of “Philoxenia” which combines the words “philo” (which means to love) and “xenos” (which means stranger). To the ancient Greeks, hospitality was a right. The host was expected to make sure the needs of his guests were met. In Greek society a person's ability to abide the laws to hospitality determined nobility and social standing. The Stoics regarded hospitality as a duty inspired by God himself and Zeus - the king of Gods was sheltering guests.
This important -core- values that many hoteliers have forgotten in a constant and never-ending effort to increase profitability, Theatro Hotels’ owner and team are devoted to bring to modern hospitality industry. We are convinced that profitability will be the result of guest appreciation and loyalty to a concept that they have missed and all are looking for.
We are here to satisfy our guests, serve them and trasform their trips into a dream.
Hope to see you soon!

Theatro Hotel Odysseon Team

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Theatro Hotel Odysseon
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