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Entering Thymeli Restaurant is itself a unique experience.
Tasting its menu would be an unforgettable one.
Starting early in the morning with a rich breakfast mainly with local bio products we will help you find all the strength to explore Meteora and the surroundings. Afterall the sightseeing starts admiring the best view in town.

With selected flavors from Thessaly but also beloved tastes from allover the country we are here to introduce you to the secrets of Greek cuisine. Using our own olive oil and carefully chosen ingridients the experience in Thymeli restaurant will be a treat for your palate!
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Greek Breakfast
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Theatro Hotel Odysseon
54, Patriarchou Dimitriou Str. 
Kalabaka, Trikala 42 200, Greece
Phone: (+30) 24320-94.444
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